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Model: UPO22

Brand: CDP

Price: Consult

Payment Methods (Zelle, Wire Transfer).

For sale UPS UPO22-6AX of the CDP brand, for maximum protection of your critical applications. Unique features and prices. Super wide input voltage range and selectable output voltage. Full self-diagnostics and advanced LCD displays providing operational information and communication for remote monitoring/control. Advanced high-frequency transformer and isolation transformer reproduces perfect AC while eliminating spikes/surges, line noise, and voltage fluctuations, compact and reliable design includes certifications from international regulatory agencies such as CE, NOM, TUV, IEEE, UL Withdraw.
Technical characteristics
  • Ability: 6000 VA

Additional features of UPS UPO22-6AX

  • Technology: Double Conversion- Truly Online
  • Power Factor 1 (delivers more power)
  • Rated input voltage of 120/208VAC @60 Hz ±10 Hz
  • Input voltage range of 60-150 VAC
  • Nominal output voltage: 120/208VAC Single Phase and Three Phase (10/15KVA)
  • Six NEMA 5-15R battery backup outlets (four programmable)
  • One Hardwire input connection
  • A sinusoidal waveform output
  • One USB Type-B port
  • One RJ45 Serial port, one IntelliSlo port