Eaton 93PM UPS 30-250 kVA

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Eaton 93PM UPS 30-250 kVA

Model: 93PM

Brand: Eaton

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Eaton 93PM UPS 30-250 kVA with an efficiency level of up to 97% double conversion mode resulting in significant savings in operating costs, N+1 capacity. - > 99% top efficiency is delivered in Energy Saving System (ESS) mode. - Maximum power and energy density ensure a compact footprint. - Smart and efficient grid power protection; includes capacities from 30 Kva to 250 KVA. The 93PM model equipment with scalable autonomy is the ideal answer for telecommunications systems, servers, banking and financial services, data centers and infrastructures that require mission-critical power systems. Includes: CD with software, Smart UPS signaling RS-232 cable, USB cable, User Manual.
Technical characteristics
  • Input voltage: 100- 240V
  • Type: Vrla


  • Small, medium and large data centres
  • Finance and banking critical infrastructure
  • Commercial buildings and industrial complexes
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications installations
  • Process control equipment