Industrial rectifiers

For sale Industrial Rectifiers Type SCR, equipment of the best brands, with characteristics and competitive prices. Designed to supply safe and stabilized direct current to services that, due to their characteristics, require reliable and uninterrupted power in the event of a possible power outage in the network.


Access Power 3G 48VDC DV2 Rectifier Module Power Panel


EATON SC200 Power System Controller Module

La Marche

Battery Rectifier-Charger-Eliminator with Controlled Ferroresonant Technology

La Marche

A77 Battery Rectifier-Charger-Eliminator with Microprocessor Controlled SCR Technology


ACTS-2002 Industrial Rectifier for Cathodic Protection Application

La Marche

La Marche MSM Battery Eliminator Charger in 24VDC100AMP Off Shore

KMT Electronics S.A.

ACTS-2002 Industrial Rectifier for KMT Cathodic Protection Application


12-pulse Industrial Rectifier With SCR Technology UXcel Series 48VDC100A