APC UPS BX1500M 1500VA

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APC UPS BX1500M 1500VA

Model: BX1500M

Brand: APC

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Protect computers, wireless routers, IoT devices, and security systems with the APC Back-UPS Pro Compact 1500VA. APC's Back-UPS Pro Compact provides battery backup power during power outages and continuously protects devices from fluctuating power conditions and surges.
Technical characteristics
  • voltage: 105-125 volts
  • Power: 1500VA
  • Type: AGM

Technical Features

  • Facility Wiring Fault Indicator: This LED indicator informs users of potential hazardous electrical wiring problems.
  • Hot-Swappable Batteries: Ensures a pure, uninterrupted supply reaches protected equipment during battery replacement.
  • Battery and Surge Protected Outlets: Back up and protect hardware and data during power outages, power surges, and transient surges.
  • Surge Protected Outlet (Exclusive): Protect secondary electronic equipment from surges and spikes without reducing the power supplied by batteries to power primary electronic equipment during a power outage.
  • Data Line Surge Protection: Provides protection for connected equipment against surges on the data lines.